Diploma in 3D Animation & Graphics

Duration Of Course (2 Years Course)

Courses Highlights

A course to let you master visual effects with all the essential components thoroughly explored. Through this course you will master how to create stunning 3d dynamic effects to be used for media animations or film effects. Also the most important techniques of modern day film making such as chorma, roto and tracking will be explored to the hilt.


  • Sketching and landscape
  • Understand how to create script
  • Character designing
  • Storyboarding
  • Clay modeling
  • Acting and Drama


  • Understand Maya environment
  • Create simple to complex 3D characters
  • Create background objects
  • Learn texturing and materials techniques with Maya and Photoshop
  • Learn how to rig your character
  • Practice.... practice.... Animation
  • Learn principle of animation
  • Explore Dynamics and particles

Post Production

  • Render with proper lighting done in Maya
  • Composite: Basic to advanced techniques in Aftereffects
  • Feel the power of Nuke for compositing
  • Film editing with world renowned application: Premier
  • Editing audio and effects

Specialized Courses

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