Diploma in 2D Animation

Duration Of Course (6 Months Course)

Courses Highlights

The course prepares you to deal with any Challenge an animation artist comes across daily in animation production environment. A must course for anyone aspiring to become animator. ... Learn how to create backgrounds or how to design a character from skilled Animation faculty. Eventually as you practice numerous exercises covering principles of animation... sooner you master present day animation techniques. The course will teach you how to edit your shots and composite later as well.

Course Content

  • Learn human anatomy and figure drawing
  • Create beautiful landscape / backgrounds
  • Character Designing
  • Create Storyboard
  • Essential animation concepts (Keys, in-betweens)
  • Traditional animation techniques with light-box
  • Explore principles of Animation
  • Limited animation with flash
  • Animation examples and Exercises
  • Editing shots and compositing final animation scene

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